Our Process

Our Process

Preventative Maintenance

With proper maintenance, asphalt paving will last for many years.

Central Oregon Asphalt Sealing can help preserve and extend the life of your asphalt by conducting proactive, ongoing preventative maintenance. When problems arise, we also respond with timely repair, including immediate response to emergencies.

We are equipped to fix the underlying issues and eliminate the problems of sinkholes and other types of depressions, as well as cracks, holes and deterioration of function and appearance. These situations can develop quickly, and we can help.

Helping them understand that maintenance of the asphalt will extend the life it, and save them money down the road. 

Why Seal Asphalt?

Why Seal AsphaltAsphalt is a complex mixture of stone, aggregate, mineral fillers and asphaltic binder, which are predominantly open chain in structure. The open chain provides easy access to weather, salts and chemicals that attack and disintegrate the asphaltic structure. By sealing your asphalt, we are putting a protective coat over the structure of the asphalt creating a barrier. It seals out problems to keep asphalt at it’s natural complex mixture. This is also why you want to seal coat your brand new asphalt.

Benefits of Seal Coating

Process is fast for less interruption of traffic and business flow
Saves you money by more than doubling the life of your asphalt
Sealing is waterproofing. It keeps out moisture that could corrode the sub-grade of your asphalt
Creates a barrier from harmful elements that could break down the asphalt
Seals in the beneficial properties that exist in asphalt pavement
Provides curb appeal of a new looking black appearance
Maintained pavement is much easier to keep clean

The Process

The ProcessAsphalt crack sealing is the first step in the maintenance process. This is done by cleaning out the cracks to be free of debris with high power blowers and in some cases a motorized high power wire wheel. Next, we apply a hot crack seal into the crack and fill to the surface of the asphalt.

Seal coating is the next step. The entire surface of the asphalt needs to be completely clean in order to have the seal coat bond properly. High power blowers are the best way to clean the surface and in rare cases, the surface may need to be pressure washed. After the surface is clean, the seal coat is applied. We only apply seal coat with a squeegee application. This is the best application method to properly fill all voids and completely waterproof your asphalt.

How Often?

We recommend crack sealing to be done annually due to Central Oregon’s extreme weather conditions. When moisture gets into the sub-grade of the asphalt and freezes, it will damage the structure and in time break the asphalt down.

Seal coating is recommended every 3-5 years, depending on weather and traffic conditions.

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt RepairPotholes and pavement damage?  We can fix it.  Specializing in small asphalt repair with the latest technology, Infrared.  Infrared offers versatility when repairing failed asphalt and provides a quick, convenient and permanent solution for reoccurring problems such as potholes, utility cuts and manhole repairs.

Infrared asphalt repair equipment will re-heat the damaged asphalt so that it can be reused during the repair.  New asphalt will also be added to the repair if needed.  The surface will be restored to correct condition with bonded seams to the existing asphalt paving.  This is what you call a permanent repair.

The results from an infrared repair are a permanent and attractive repair that has recycled the existing asphalt. Considering the ever increasing price of asphalt and paying to dispose of old asphalt, infrared is becoming the preferred “GREEN” alternative.

Our Customer Service

For most property owners, preventive maintenance planning is an important process, knowing that maintenance now is less expensive than replacement later. 

Many of our customers tell us that most of the “other guys” fax them a page with a price at the bottom. What sets CENTRAL OREGON ASPHALT SEALING apart is that with EVERY project we spec, the FIRST question we ask ourselves is “How do I provide a solution to the customer that meets their needs, fits their budget, provides the best value and FITS IN THE CONTEXT OF A LONGER TERM PLAN for the property.” 

Seriously, we’re obsessed with it.  We communicate with our customers throughout each project from planning to completion, to find more efficient and less expensive (not cheap) ways of helping our customers. 

The end goal is to make your life easier by helping you invest each dollar wisely.