Our Projects

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    Pioneer Park

    Pioneer Park is one of many projects through Bend Metro Park and Recreation District. It is located near Downtown Bend Oregon on the Deschutes River. This was a crack seal, seal coat and striping project completed in 2011. Central Oregon Asphalt Sealing has completed many projects for the park district throughout Bend Oregon. Other parks include Sun Meadow Park, Orchard Park, Pine Nursery, Big Sky Park, Aspen Lodge and several more.
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    This McDonalds and Shell Fuel is located in La Pine Oregon. This project consisted of infrared asphalt repairs, crack sealing, seal coating and striping. Most of the work was done at night for the least interruption of the businesses. The seal coating was done during the day. Central Oregon Asphalt Sealing worked with these businesses to keep there doors open during seal coat application by working in sections. The owners were very happy with the smooth process and the ease of business flow for the customers.
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    Redmond Airport

    Most all of Central Oregonians have drove through the Redmond Airport. These projects took serious teamwork between Redmond Airport Operations and Central Oregon Asphalt Sealing to complete the project smoothly, efficiently and on time. All airport operations remained open during asphalt maintenance. The City of Redmond and Roberts Field Staff were excellent to work with and both parties considered these projects a huge success.
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    Les Schwab Bend

    Les Schwab Headquarters is located in Bend Oregon off of Cooley Road. This project included crack sealing, seal coating and striping. Completed in 2011, this parking lot is one of the most beautiful in Central Oregon. The professional application of the seal coat and precise asphalt paint markings really show on this project. Central Oregon Asphalt Sealing is very proud of this project.
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    These photo's represent an infrared asphalt repair at the entrance into the La Pine Bi Mart store. The asphalt/concrete joint created a trip hazard. Infrared asphalt repair equipment was able to fix this problem in 2 hours prior to store opening. This process allows us to get in and get the job done fast and correct.
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    Department of Forestry, John Day Oregon

    Seal coating new asphalt is important to extend the life of pavement. And that is all we did at this site. Department of Forestry in John Day Oregon.
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    Home Owners Association

    Nottingham Square is a private subdivision in SE Bend. Asphalt repairs, crack sealing, seal coating and re-painting the speed bumps consisted in this contract for the entire subdivision. This community was excellent to work with and we were very pleased to have this job. These photo's represent a successful project and a job well done by Central Oregon Asphalt Sealing.
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    Central Cascades Fire and EMS

    Central Cascades Fire and EMS is located in Crescent Lake Oregon off of Hwy 58. Crack sealing, sealcoating and all asphalt painting was completed by Central Oregon Asphalt Sealing. Notice the attention to detail in the paint marking. This facility is very well taken care of and Central Oregon Asphalt Sealing is proud to be a part of that.